Petit Plan: Diversity and Equality | 23 – 27 November 2020

Petit Plan: Cinema for Young Adults, presents a new series of educational screenings titled, “Diversity and Equality”, between 23 – 27 November 2020.

The screenings are free for all of Greece and ara available online on the following page:

The purpose of the screenings is to highlight social issues that are relevant to today’s youth and Greek society, such as the refugee crisis, racism, bullying and diversity. Furthermore, it is our goal that a fertile discussion takes place about diversity and most importantly about all those things that unites each and every one of us, beyond borders.

All films are accompanied by educational material.

After the end of the online screenings, the films will be available to schools, universities and teachers for use in their educational work after a request at [email protected].

The films

Suitable for ages 8+

Fireflies Amelia Nanni, Belgium, 2018, 20’ An afternoon, two children, two worlds meet.

The Magic Balloon Sandra Dajani, Jordan, 2017, 12’ The story revolves around Mariam, a young girl who, for some reason, cannot walk and lives in a refugee camp. She spends her days reading and wishing she could leave the camp and travel the world.

Traces of little feet Murad Atshan, Germany, 2019, 18’ Amir is a ten-year-old boy from Syria. He and his mother arrived in Germany as refugees one year ago.

Dorothy the rambler Emmanuelle Gorgiard, France/Belgium, 2018, 9’ Four cows are grazing carelessly in a field. They never had the chance to experience adventure and they don’t know much about the world, until one day they discover a furry creature in a brook.

Seeking refuge Popi Anemogiannis, Greece, 2019, 4’ A true story based in a Greek refugee camp about a girl who discovers an animation workshop run by volunteers.

Suitable for ages 12+

No Bad Endings Ziv Hermelin-Shadar, Israel, 2019, 13’ Moments before the traditional Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, the members of Kibbutz Seridim realize that the last sane Holocaust survivor on the kibbutz has no intention to come and share her personal story.

The Line Alessandro Stevanon, Italy, 2019, 15’ Federico is an introvert and lonely child. A meeting with an old artist coming from Senegal helps him discover his talent and learn to see others for what they are.

The Pianist of Yarmouk Vikram Ahluwalia, UK, 2017, 13’ The real-life story of Aeham Ahmad: a classically-trained musician attempting to escape the war in Syria. Aeham rose to international prominence in 2014, after being filmed singing songs of peace amid the rubble of his beloved hometown of Yarmouk – a besieged Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria.

12 nautical miles Jakob Werner, Theresa Schlipf, Anne Clara Köhler, Germany, 2017, 6’ What is it like to be a sea rescuer on the Mediterranean? Clemens knows and talks about his experiences.

Migrant Esteban Ezequiel Dalinger, Cesar Daniel Iezzi, Argentina, 2019, 6’ An animated short film with a powerful message in favor of migration, built on real testimonies that were animated by more than 50 animators from 11 countries in Latin America.

One Javier Marco Rico, Spain, 2018, 10’ Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring.

City Plaza Hotel Anna Paula Hönig, Violeta Paus, Germany, 2019, 14’ A state of uncertainty surrounds the City Plaza Hotel. Refugees have begun to occupy this building in Athens. Living among them with her family is eleven-year-old Zhenos, whose dreams of a faraway home are eclipsed by dark memories.

Suitable for ages 15+

The story of Yannis Voula Germanakou Kopsini, Germany, 2019, 15’ The life journey of a Pontic refugee from Crimea, as seen through the eyes of his great-granddaughter.

Bear with me Daphna Awadish, Netherlands, 2019, 5’ A short animated documentary on immigrants who left their home and crossed borders for love. ​ ​

Blue ashes Thaddeus Christandl, France, 2019, 15’ A father, a mother and their daughter are trying to flee the country.

In your skin Vicky Calavia, Spain, 2019, 20’ A meeting between young people of different nationalities and cultures, whose common link is to live in Aragon.

Song sparrow Farzaneh Omidvarnia, Denmark, 2019, 12’ People of different color and race and culture, old and young, embark on journeys, eager to find some place they can call home, or just some place they can live in.

I am Fatou Amir Ramadan, Italy, 2019, 20’ Fatou is a 23-year-old Italian girl of Senegalese origin. She lives in a suburb of Rome with his mother, who would like to educate according to the rigid impositions of her culture of origin.

Despair Spain, 2019, 17’ A story of school bullying.

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